Process Steps

  1. Student interested in attaining additional endorsement in Visual Impairment (VI).
  2. Student contacts Western Michigan University (WMU); advises on program requirements.
  3. Student provides WMU with documentation required for acceptance into program.
  4. Once student is approved to join consortium program, WMU notifies other member institutions on new student.
  5. Plan of study with schedule of course offerings at each university given to student by host university.
  6. Student enrolls in courses at any of the approved universities/colleges.
  7. Practicum Application is filled out and given to WMU.
  8. Student must register and pass MTTC for VI towards completion of program.
  9. Student must meet with WMU to have audit done when the program is complete.
  10. Student applies through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS).
  11. Student sends all application and plan of study materials and official transcripts to the Office of Special Education (OSE) and requests that each university send official transcript to OSE.
  12. OSE does final audit and provides the Office of Professional Preparation (OPPS) with the audited student file to add endorsement.
  13. OPPS adds endorsement on to the teaching certificate.